Course Description

The LRN Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELTAC) stands as a comprehensive and rigorous program, meticulously designed to cater to individuals embarking on their journey into the realm of English Language Teaching (ELT). Accredited by the esteemed Learning Resource Network (LRN) with qualification accreditation number 601/8096/1, this certificate represents a hallmark of quality and competence in the field.

Structured to accommodate candidates with limited prior teaching experience, the ELTAC program offers an immersive and in-depth exploration of the fundamental principles, methodologies, and practices essential for effective English language instruction. Developed in accordance with Qualification Specification Version 3 dated 08/04/2019, this course adheres to the highest standards of educational excellence outlined by LRN.

Throughout the duration of the program, participants are guided through a series of carefully curated modules, each meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted landscape of English language teaching. These modules cover a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Teaching and Learning Context: Delve into the intricacies of the teaching environment, exploring the roles, responsibilities, and relationships inherent in ELT.

  2. Language Analysis and Awareness: Gain insights into the nuances of language structure, syntax, and lexis, equipping oneself with the tools necessary for effective language instruction.

  3. Planning and Resource Development: Learn the art of designing cohesive lesson plans and creating engaging teaching resources tailored to the diverse needs of learners.

  4. Assessment and Evaluation: Explore various assessment techniques and strategies to measure learner progress and inform instructional practices effectively.

  5. Applied Teaching Practice: Put theory into practice through real-world teaching experiences, honing teaching skills and fostering reflective practice under the guidance of experienced educators.

With a strong emphasis on practical application and experiential learning, the ELTAC program ensures that participants not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also develop the pedagogical skills and confidence necessary to excel in the dynamic field of ELT.

Whether delivered through traditional classroom-based sessions or innovative distance learning platforms, the ELTAC program offers flexibility and accessibility, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of aspiring educators. By providing a supportive learning environment and fostering a culture of continuous professional development, LRN empowers candidates to embark on a fulfilling and impactful career journey in English Language Teaching.

In conclusion, the LRN Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELTAC) represents a transformative educational experience, equipping participants with the requisite knowledge, skills, and qualifications to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of English language education. Join us on this enriching educational journey and unlock your potential as a proficient and confident English language educator.

What will I learn?

  • Enhanced Teaching Skills Instructional Techniques: Mastery of a variety of teaching methods and strategies tailored to the needs of English language learners. Lesson Planning: Ability to design, implement, and evaluate effective lesson plans that incorporate diverse teaching materials and resources.
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Language Teaching Linguistic Knowledge: Deep understanding of English grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary to aid in effective language instruction. Language Acquisition Theories: Knowledge of key theories and principles of second language acquisition to inform teaching practices.
  • Classroom Management Proficiency Classroom Dynamics: Skills to manage diverse classroom environments, including large classes, mixed-ability groups, and multilingual learners. Behavior Management: Strategies to maintain a positive and productive classroom atmosphere.
  • Practical Teaching Experience Teaching Practice: Hands-on teaching experience through supervised teaching practice sessions, including peer and self-evaluations. Feedback and Reflection: Skills to receive and act on feedback from trainers and peers, and to engage in reflective practice for continuous improvement.
  • Assessment and Evaluation Skills Student Assessment: Ability to design and implement various forms of student assessments, including formative and summative assessments. Evaluation Techniques: Skills to evaluate student progress and adjust teaching methods accordingly to meet individual learner needs.
  • Professional Development Professionalism: Understanding of the professional responsibilities of an English language teacher, including ethical considerations and ongoing professional development. Resource Utilization: Ability to access and utilize a wide range of teaching resources, including digital tools and online platforms.
  • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Intercultural Competence: Enhanced cultural awareness and sensitivity to effectively teach students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Inclusive Teaching: Strategies to create an inclusive learning environment that respects and values cultural diversity.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities Employment Readiness: Increased employability in the field of English language teaching, with the skills and credentials to pursue various teaching roles. Global Opportunities: Qualifications that are recognized and valued internationally, opening doors to teaching positions around the world.
  • Certification Recognized Qualification: Receipt of the LRN Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELTAC), a recognised credential that validates your teaching expertise and commitment to the profession.


  • English Proficiency: Candidates should have a good command of English, typically at a level equivalent to CEFR B2 or IELTS 5.5. This ensures that participants can effectively engage with course materials and communicate fluently in English.
  • Educational Background: While there are no strict educational prerequisites for the ELTAC course, candidates with a background in English language studies, linguistics, education, or related fields may find the course content more accessible.
  • Interest in Teaching: Prospective participants should demonstrate a genuine interest in teaching English to speakers of other languages and a passion for language learning and education. This includes a willingness to engage in professional development and continuous learning.
  • Technological Requirements: Depending on the mode of delivery, candidates may need access to a computer or mobile device with internet connectivity to participate in online learning modules, access course materials, and communicate with tutors and peers.
  • Commitment and Motivation: Successful completion of the ELTAC course requires a significant commitment of time, effort, and dedication. Candidates should be prepared to actively engage with course materials, complete assignments and assessments, and participate in teaching practice sessions.

Frequently-asked Questions

The ELTAC course, accredited by LRN, is a Level 5 Certificate programme specifically designed for individuals aspiring to teach English to speakers of other languages. It caters to candidates with limited prior teaching experience who wish to develop their skills and qualifications in English language teaching.

Typically, candidates should have a minimum level of English proficiency, equivalent to CEFR B2 or IELTS 5.5. Additionally, applicants should possess a keen interest in teaching English and a willingness to engage in professional development.

Yes, the ELTAC course is accredited by LRN, a recognised accreditation body, and holds qualification accreditation number 601/8096/1. This accreditation ensures that the certificate is widely recognised and respected within the field of English language teaching.

The ELTAC course curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for effective English language teaching, including teaching and learning context, language analysis and awareness, planning and resource development, assessment and evaluation, and applied teaching practice.

The ELTAC course may be delivered through a combination of traditional classroom-based sessions, online learning modules, practical teaching experiences, and interactive workshops. LRN aims to provide a flexible and engaging learning experience tailored to the needs of participants.

Yes, the ELTAC course includes a teaching practice component where candidates have the opportunity to apply their learning in real-world teaching settings. Under the guidance of experienced educators, participants engage in supervised teaching practice sessions to develop their teaching skills and confidence.

ELTAC course participants receive comprehensive support from LRN, including access to experienced tutors, learning resources, peer collaboration opportunities, and guidance throughout their learning journey. LRN is committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing learning environment for all participants.

The ELTAC course utilises a variety of assessment methods, including written assignments, lesson planning tasks, teaching observations, reflective journals, and portfolio assessments. These assessments are designed to evaluate candidates' understanding of course content and their ability to apply it in practice.

Graduates of the ELTAC course are well-equipped to pursue various career opportunities in English language teaching, both domestically and internationally. They may seek employment as English language teachers in language schools, colleges, universities, private tutoring centres, or pursue further studies in the field of education.

Knowledge, understanding and skills of teaching, learning and assessment in ELT
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Developing teaching learning and assessment in ELT
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Planning Resources for effective delivery in ELT
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Language Awareness and Analysis to support Skills in ELT: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
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Applied teaching practice in the ELT classroom
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Shady Abuyusuf

Lead Teacher Trainer

In my professional journey, I've had the privilege of founding and leading Britishey Training Centre as its CEO, named Shady. My involvement in English Language Teaching began humbly in 2001, right after graduating from Damietta University. Since then, I've remained dedicated to learning and growth in this field.Expanding my horizons, I pursued a Foundation Certificate in Translation from the American University of Cairo in 2010, which laid the groundwork for my commitment to excellence in language studies. Subsequently, I furthered my expertise with a Diploma in English Language Teaching for Adults, the prestigious Cambridge DELTA, through English Language Assessment, which is part of Cambridge University.Fuelled by a genuine passion for empowering educators, I engaged in rigorous Teacher Educator Training with the esteemed TESOL International Association in 2015. This led me to a transformative journey in Barcelona, Spain, where I received training on how to become a CertTESOL tutor.In 2016, I took a significant step forward by establishing a CELTA center at Future University in Egypt, aiming to elevate the standard of ELT training. Concurrently, I refined my skills as a CELTA tutor through Cambridge University's trainer-in-training program.My pursuit of mastery also led me to obtain a certificate of proficiency in Received Pronunciation from the renowned dialect coach, Paul Meier, in 2016. This milestone reinforced my dedication to fostering linguistic excellence.Attaining the status of a certified CELTA tutor from Cambridge Assessment English in 2017 solidified my reputation as a proficient ELT educator. This dedication to academic excellence culminated in my graduation from the University of Leicester's MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics program in 2018, underscoring my unwavering commitment to scholarly pursuits.The year 2022 marked a pivotal milestone as Britishey Training Centre received accreditation as a course-validated provider by Trinity College London, opening doors for me to serve as an assessor for the Trinity Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT).In 2023, I achieved a significant milestone by establishing Britishey Training Centre as a distinguished CELTA and CertTESOL center, offering top-notch training both online and at our premier facilities in Cairo and Damietta, Egypt. Furthermore, I spearheaded the establishment of Britishey Training Centre as the first international TQUK center in Africa and the Middle East, pioneering a new era of educational excellence.Throughout my career, I've had the honour of imparting knowledge and expertise through a diverse array of seminars for educators across the globe. From the United Arab Emirates to South Africa, and from France to Egypt, my journey underscores the profound impact of education in shaping lives and futures.


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Level 5

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4 Months

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