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Amanda Gamble is a dedicated educator and teacher trainer with extensive experience in language education and professional development. Born on September 20th, 1971, Amanda has dedicated her career to enhancing language teaching methodologies and supporting educators worldwide.

Amanda's academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts with Education (QTS) from the University of Durham, where she graduated with a Class 2.1 degree. Building upon this foundation, she pursued further qualifications, including a Diploma in TESOL from Language 2 Associates, UK, where she achieved a Grade A.

Continuing her professional development, Amanda obtained a Master's in Professional Development in Language Education from International House, London, where she graduated with Distinction. Her master's program included modules in Materials Development for Language Teaching and Trainer Development, both of which she excelled in with Grade A. Her dissertation focused on the impact of a self-assessment tool on Egyptian teachers' ability to reflect on their practice, earning her another Grade A.

Amanda's commitment to education and training is evident in her extensive list of qualifications and certifications. She holds diplomas and certificates from prestigious institutions such as International House in London, Istanbul, and Wroclaw, as well as certifications from University of Cambridge and Trinity College London.

Throughout her career, Amanda has held various teaching and training positions across different countries. She has worked as a teacher trainer, teacher mentor, director of studies, and teacher trainer manager in institutions such as the British Council in Cairo, International House in Izmir and Istanbul, and The English Academy in Dublin, among others.

Amanda's expertise extends beyond teaching and training to include materials development, proofreading, and materials reviewing. She has contributed to projects such as the 'English Together' initiative by the British Council, Ministry of National Education, and Sabanci Foundation in Turkey, where she supported teachers to be facilitators of Professional Development Communities.

Amanda's dedication to language education and teacher development is further demonstrated through her involvement in short teacher training courses, proofreading projects, materials reviewing, materials writing, and articles on methodology for teachers.

With her wealth of experience, Amanda continues to make significant contributions to the field of language education and teacher training, inspiring educators and empowering them to excel in their profession.



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